Most of our customers reside in Winter Garden and many of the FAQ's are related to Winter Garden.
In general, the information provided can be used for other communities. Always check your local authorities as a final resource.

What is Backflow Prevention? It is a means of protecting any municipal or common drinking water system from contamination. Protective devices are installed wherever there might be a potential source of contamination. The device is placed in the supply line between the threat and the supply system.

How does a backflow preventer work? A backflow preventer is designed to block a reverse flow of water if it senses a problem in the normal supply of water. A properly operating supply system moves water by means of pressure "pushing" the water to the end user. As long as the water pressure is higher from the supply side there is no threat of contamination. If for some reason the water pressure direction changes, contaminated water could enter the drinking water system.

Why do I have to have it tested? All mechanical devices eventually fail. Parts wear out or debris gets inside of the backflow preventer and it will not work. Testing will find problems. The general standard for testing is once a year.

What does the test consist of? The test usually takes 5-15 minutes. A physical inspection along with a mechanical test is conducted. During the test the water supply is shut off. A testing gauge is connected to the backflow preventer and backflow conditions are simulated. By reading the gauge it can be determined if all components of the backflow preventer are working properly.

I just moved into Winter Garden and I never had to have a test where I lived before? Communities have different policies regarding backflow preventers. Winter Garden and other local communities require a yearly test of all residential and commercial backflow preventers.

Did you say it has to be tested every year? Yes, the city will send you a letter informing you of the test deadline.

How does Winter Garden determine when a test is required? It's based on community. Winter Garden has scheduled every community over the course of the year. They have scheduled the communities so approximately the same number of tests is required each month. This balances out the work load for the testers as well as Winter Garden's staff.

The house was just built; it shouldn't need a test so soon. Sometimes new construction areas cause more trouble for backflow preventers because there is a higher probability of debris in the water supply. This could cause the backflow preventer to malfunction. The test schedules are determined by location and not construction dates.

What happens if I don't have a test done? Once Winter Garden determines you did not have a test performed, they will send you a second notice. The second notice will tell you that have a specific number of days to comply. If you don't comply, they reserve the right to take further measures forcing compliance (including shutting off your water).

What happens if the test fails? Failure is caused by worn parts or debris entering the backflow preventer. Sometimes the debris will interfere with the operation of the backflow preventer. If the test fails, the backflow preventer will be opened, inspected, and cleaned of debris at no additional charge. It will then be retested.

What happens if repairs are necessary? If it is determined that parts and repair are necessary, the owner will be contacted first with an estimate before any further work is done.

Do I have to be home for the test? No, in fact most customers are not home. The backflow preventer is located outside the home and the test can be performed without anyone home.

How are the results reported? A formal report is filled out and sent to the appropriate authority with 24 hours. A copy of the report is mailed to the owner.

How does HomEaze get paid? Most customers are not home when we test, and in those cases, an invoice will be mailed to the customer. Payment at time of service is always appreciated. We accept cash or check only.

How do I schedule a test? You can call us (407-877-6661) or send us an e-mail (

Is the backflow preventer the cause of the low water pressure in my house? No, the backflow preventer may cause a minimal drop of 1 or 2 PSI. Low water pressure is caused by other circumstances and is unrelated to the backflow preventer.

Does the backflow preventer affect the quality of my water? No, the backflow preventer does not affect the condition of the water. Water quality is controlled by the water supplier and conditioning equipment that can be installed by a water conditioning contractor.

Where is the backflow preventer located? It is normally located above ground outside a home or building and is connected to the line supplying an irrigation system, the drinking water system, or both.

How do I know who to use? That's easy! Use HomEaze! Seriously... There are many qualified backflow testers. Each local authority has a list of registered backflow testers available. Winter Garden has the list posted on their website.

From the home page click: City Hall, click Departments, Backflow Prevention, Certified Backflow Tester.

Here are a few things to consider: The tester has to be certified. Each tester has to go through a training course and once they successfully pass the course, they are issued a testing certification number. The same applies for the repair of backflow preventer. A repair technician has to pass a separate course in order to conduct repair work. After completion they are issued a repair certification number.

Insurance: It is wise to only hire someone with liability insurance. Although there is a minimal chance of a problem, a tester should carry insurance. It is always wise to make sure you are dealing with a reliable company. Hire someone with experience and a proven track record in backflow preventer testing and repair. Finally, use someone that is a properly registered business in good standing within the community.

I notice water dripping from the backflow preventer. What should I do? Contact someone who is familiar with backflow preventers. They can inspect the backflow preventer and fix the problem. It is best to take care of the problem as soon as possible before it becomes a severe leak. Any type of a drip or leak is costing you money in wasted water. Sometimes the water is actually leaking from connecting pipes. It's caused by deterioration of the piping or someone accidentally disturbing the pipes.

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