Our Winter Garden location allows prompt backflow preventer testing, repair, and replacement services.

Backflow Preventer Tests are normally scheduled in geographical groups to efficiently manage time, costs, and fuel consumption.

Priority scheduling is available at no extra charge if needed. The tester will announce his presence. If no one answers, the test will still be performed. Backflow preventers are located on the exterior of the home.

The water supply will be turned off during the test and turned back on after completion of the test.

If the test fails, the tester will attempt to clean the interior parts that may have prevented a successful test and then retest it at no additional charge.

If repair is needed, the homeowner will be contacted with an estimate for parts and labor.

Once a successful test is obtained, we file the report with the proper authority within 24 hours. The customer does not have to worry about filing the report.

A copy of the report will be mailed to the homeowner along with any other necessary documents.

HomEaze recognizes our customer's busy schedules and will mail an invoice for our services, along with a copy of the filed report.


TREEO / U of Florida Testing Certifcation P06-18-6444 (Dave)
TREEO / U of Florida Testing Certifcation P06-18-10308 (Ryan)
TREEO / U of Florida Repair Certification R1206
Certified throughout Florida, including Orange, Seminole, Lake, and Osceola Counties.
Insured & Incorporated

Standard Services
Backflow Preventer Test
Backflow Preventer Inspection
Backflow Preventer Cleaning
Test Report Filing with City
Backup Records
Mailing Copy to Customer



Notification Alert - Winter Garden Residents
E-mail Addresses : Give us yours and we will send you a courtesy reminder prior to your test month.
Send to Homeaze@yahoo.com (reference your name & street address)

Schedule a test or repair by calling: 407-877-6661 or e-mail: homeaze@yahoo.com